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「With All My Heart 〜君が踊る、夏〜」

Always Keep The Faith!

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Time is
Too Slow for those who Wait,
Too Swift for those who Fear,
Too Long for those who Grieve,
Too Short for those who Rejoice;
But for those who Love,
Time is not.
~Henry Van Dyke

The Way You Are
I'm Bec. Almost 21. Live in Sydney. Grew up in England. I studied Korean and Travel&tourism. I want to be a tour guide.

You Are My Sunshine
T-O-H-O-S-H-I-N-K-I You Make Me High :) I am a Cassie. I love CNBLUE, 2NE1, SHINee, Nell, Mate, Secret, Sistar, Ukiss, T-ara, Beast, The Grace and Rain.

tell me tell me tttttt tell me


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Stylesheet by kuribati/beatcrusher
Friend Bannner by dustysock

I can't forget you, But the truth is, I don't want to forget you